We Provide:    
  • Steel Wire Ropes
  • Stainless Steel Ropes
  • PVC Coated Wire Ropes
  • Fibre Ropes In Braided or Multifilament
  • All Types of Rigging Accessories And Hooks
  • Shackles, Lever Blocks, Chain Blocks, Trolley, Bearing Swivel, Cable Socks And Latches.
  • Hydraulic Cutters & Parts, Manual Swagers, Manual Cutters etc
  • Petrol / Diesel Winch, 8HP, 5,000kgf, 5 mtr/min Pull, 180kg weight, optional 750 mtr (2,500ft) length of non-rotating, special braided galvanized steel wire rope with anti-twist, anti-deform anti-kink properties.
  • Shackle with roller / Heavy Duty Swivel Joint (Universal Joint) / Underground Cable Pulley / Horizontal Reel Jack
  • HA800 Chains, Master Link Assemblies, Connecting Links, Long Link Chains, Hooks, HD Turnbuckles & Fittings.
  • Grommet Slings
  • Webbing Slings, Round Slings And Cargo Belts
  • Name Plate Marking Services
  • Load Cell Rental Services
  • Grade 80 Long Link 1/2" Chain, WLL 6 Tons, link accepts 3/4 shackle direct.
  • Beam Clamps / Wedge Sockets / Large Size Cable Sockets / Cargo Trolley & Skate.
  • Turntable / Hand & Gears Operated Coiling and Recoiling Machine With Hydraulic Jacks & Emergency Brake System C/W Rated Load of 5 Tons / 10 Tons / 15 Tons / 20 Tons Capacity. Sale & Rental Welcome.
  • Wide Range of Greases and Degreasers
  • Industrial Lubricants
  • Automotive Lubricants
  • Synthetic/Semi-Synthetic Engine Oil, 5W-50 API SL/CF,
    10W-40 API SM/CF,
    15W-40/20W-50 API SL/CF
  •  Hydraulic Oil AWS, Premium Grade, Anti- Wear, Anti-Rust, Anti-Form
  • Moly Grease, NLGI O
  • Gear Oil GL4, SAE 90/140
  • Gear Oil GL5 SAE 85W-140
  • ATF Dexton III, Dexton II
  • Multi-Purpose Grease
  • Heavy Bearing Grease
  • Lithium-Based, High Temperature Grease
  • Aluminium Complex Grease
  • Wire Ropes Grease NLGI 000
  • Oil Dispenser Tools
  • Grease Gun & Foot Grease Pump
  • Pneumatic High Pressure Grease Pumps
  • DC Powered Fuel Transfer Pumps
  • Gear Oil GL5 SAE 80W-90
Metal Treatment Revitalizants to restore Diesel, Petrol & LPG Engine, Auto/Manual Gear Box Without disassembling:
  • Engine Revitalizant
  • Engine Metal Conditioner
  • Cylinder Pistons Restoration for Engine
  • Auto/Manual Gear Box Revatalizant
  • Auto/Manual Gear Box Metal Conditioner
  • Flushing Chemical For Engine and Gear Box
  • Pulstar Pulse Plugs From USA
  • Anti Carbon For Decarbonization Engine
  • Power Steering Pumps Revitalizants
  • Fuel System Cleaner, (Diesel / Petrol Engine), 250ml/pk
  • Cetane/Octane Booster, 250ml/pk
  • Fully Synthetic ATF Eurol 1100 For All Cars, 1 Litre pack.
  • PEAK Coolant From USA, 4 Litre pack
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