About Us:

Binsoon Enterprise Sdn Bhd was established in 1996 under the KATAN group of companies. The company is one of the leading manufacturers in Malaysia manufacturing and supplying high quality Steel Wire Ropes Slings and Lifting Gears. In the earlier years, the company is involved in trading in a wide range of Greases, Industrial lubricants, Diesel, Fuel oils and Bunker Supplies to various Industries. Thereafter, the company has diversified into other downstream manufacturing activities and has acquired full technical knowledge from Germany on complete wire rope terminal and mechanical splicing system.

Since then, the company has expanded its business and equipped with several units of Hydraulic Swaging Press Machines with Capacity of 600 tons to 1,500 tons capable to manufacture wire rope slings and various wire rope end terminations for Wire Rope Diameter range from l mm to 80mm in diameter with a carrying load of up to 200 tons with quality wire ropes supplied by various large scale upstream rope manufacturers in the world.

The company is presently equipped with modern spooling machine with measuring system, coiling and recoiling machines to tailor for customers' specified length requirements accurately.

The company in Johor Bahru is also equipped with the latest Computer-controlled Hydraulic driven modern horizontal Pull Test Machine With Capacity of 200 Tons x 120 feet and an on-site Load Dynometer (Load Sensor) of 50 Tons. We can provide a wide range of tests and calibration work including Break Load Test, Proof Load Test, Cycle Test, Elongation Test and Holding Test for all types of Rigging Gears Items and slings. All our tests are genuine and verifiable by the Graphical Print-Out Report from the Computer System.

Our Computerized Test Machine is the first in Malaysia to be manufactured to International ISO 7500 Class 1 Standard. We can provide accurate certification and recertification services on all the lifting items ranging from Steel Wire Rope Slings, Lifting Alloy Chain Slings and Fittings, Textile Webbing Round Slings, Fibre Ropes, Lever Chain Block , Cargo Block , Hooks and Shackles, Brake Cables, Steel Bar, Spring, Welded Structure, All types of Rigging Gears and Fittings, Spreader, Calibration of Load Cell, Dynometer and various Measurement Instruments.

Besides this, we stock a wide range of Steel Wire Rope, PVC Coated Wire Rope, Stainless Steel Product, Herc-Alloy 800 Lifting Chains, Long-Link Chains, Shackles (SWL), Hooks(Wide Mouth Hook, Foundry Hook, Clevis Slip Hook), Heavy Duty Turnbuckles, Webbing Slings, Lashing Belts, Lever Blocks, Trolley and Other Rigging, Lifting Fittings, Shifting, Repositioning tools and various sizes of Manual / Hydraulic Cutting Tools(Japan) and Manual Swagers.

Our staff can offer technical advice on the design of the rigging system that you need so that each set of equipment from us meets your specific application.

As a mainstream Industrial Greases and Automatic lubricants, Oil Dispenser tools, Fuel Pumps Distributors, we can also offer a wide range of greases and degreaser, industrial lubricants such as hydraulic oils, engine oils, gear oils to cater for our customers' orders through competitive procurement process and stock control. Our motto in the business has always been to provide the right products for our customers at a competitive price. We welcome all enquires and visit to our operation and business premises.


  • Webbing and Round Slings
  • Proof Load Test & Name Plate Marking
  • Swage Wire Rope Sling
  • Independent Break Load Test on Steel Wire Rope
  • Break Load Test with Verifiable Graph Report
  • Wind Steel Wire Rope Onto A Spool
  • Fabricate 4 Legged Wire Rope Sling
  • Annealing & Tapering on Steel Wire Rope
  • Grease Gun & Battery Operated DC Power Fuel Pump
  • How We "Sew" Webbing and Round Slings

  • How we provide "Proof Load Test with Verifiable Graph Report" & "Name Plate Marking" Services

  • How we swage A "Wire Rope Sling"

  • How we provide An Independent "Break Load Test" on Steel Wire Rope

  • How we provide A "Break Load Test" on shackle With Verifiable Graph Report

  • How we coil and recoil wire rope into the wooden drum

  • How We Fabricate a 4 Legged Wire Rope Sling

  • How we do annealing and tapering on Steel Wire Rope

  • How To Use "Grease Gun and Battery-Operated DC Powered Fuel Transfer Pump

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